Friday, December 16, 2005

Love from James

James Lavelle (UNKLE) made his 2nd DJ appearance in Bristol this year at the Tube last night. As anyone who knows me, knows I love UNKLE vinyl and found this opportunity to ask him to sign one of his pointman toys.

I met him briefly at a vinyl toy exhibition in Paris a couple of years back, only to be thwarted by a shonky pen. Upon meeting him on this occasion, I asked him (in a packed out club night) if he would be doing anymore toys, his answer was, I only did it as a favour for 'D' (Rob 3D from Massive Attack). I think a case of cross wires.

I was quite touched he wrote 'love from', maybe he'd been writing a lot of Christmas cards that evening.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Eh Eh Ehhhh!

I got a little too close to one of my favourites characters at the Little Britain gig on the weekend.
We were in the front row, and experienced Andy (of Lou and Andy) stealing someones box of malteser, and various snogging to members off the front row.

Also, as part of the weekend I experenced Antony & The Johnsons, who were quite something. Antony is extraordinarily funny - which I didn't expect, and quite endearing - he brought his little satchel on stage with him, and then took it with him when he left.

And finally, I went to the opening night of John Stapleton's (Blowpop) 'Tube', (which is the old Silent Peach, the Tube, Nocturne, and many other dingy student nightclubs). My memory of it being small was still accurate. But it has been decked out gorgeously in tones of deep red, and black leather. The music was excellent that night, and we were treated to DJ Derek in all his greatness. My treat was being next to Beth Gibbons (Miss Portishead) on the guestlist. Unfortunately I didn't see her, but I'm sure she turned up later.