Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Frankie Howerds Gorgeous Cottage

I visited Frankie Howerd’s house in Somerset – how chocolate box is this! Gorgeous! Rolling hills in the back ground, cream teas on the lawn. Yes we indulged ourselves. We met the current custodian of the house, Chris, who lives there with Frankie’s partner. The house itself was fascinating, an interesting collection of objet d’art, including a painting of a youngish Elvis, which was given to Frankie by Bette Davis, and another painting given to him by Princess Margaret. It was very fascinating listening to Chris, who explains they have little connection with the modern world, no internet or mobile phone, and they don’t go beyond the local shops for their needs. And his gossip about Laurence Olivier, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton was a must. A lovely day was had by all.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Leccy Picnic Pt 2

Ymmmmm, Pieminister pie, brownie and a flaggon of cider. What more can a girl want on her birthday. (Many thanks to the Pieminister people for my present of the cider!)
The gorgeous Laundrettas. I felt like I'd come home, when I was in their tent. Here they are doing a mock 'fight' scene for a photographer.

I can't tell you how scary it was seeing Gary Numan pulling 'growly' shapes like it was 1977. I think most of the audience were there out of sheer curiosity (like my good self), and were obviously waiting for him to do 'Cars'. Thank god it was less than half way through the set. His band looked shockingly young, and wouldn't be out of place playing for Nine Inch Nails.

Electric Picnic, Dublin - Festival Pt 1

I can't remember who the band were (there were soooo many to see), but look at this John Peel banner. He held it up for the entire gig.
Dynamo Rhythm Aces, at the Lost Vagueness tent.

Look at these cute beach huts and teepees. I was quite jealous when I first saw them, but they were very close to the main arena's and the noise. So jealous I was not!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lucha Libre!!!

I made this for my friends birthday - his name is El Nino! He is stuffed with lentils - does anyone remember making mice, stuffed with dried peas, and they used to flop around, or is it just me?

I love him a lot, so much so, I shall make him lots of friends. Welcome the Luchadores!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bo’s Big Bowling Birthday Bonanza!

The big bowling bonanza went off to a fine start, I scored 0 for the first matches, but managed to gain the knack of just bunging it down the lane, only to be rewarded with 4th place. So I don’t believe there is a huge amount of skill in this bowling lark. But my eyes were green, with the envy of the Hello Kitty bowling ball and bag. I covet thee.