Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Leccy Picnic Pt 2

Ymmmmm, Pieminister pie, brownie and a flaggon of cider. What more can a girl want on her birthday. (Many thanks to the Pieminister people for my present of the cider!)
The gorgeous Laundrettas. I felt like I'd come home, when I was in their tent. Here they are doing a mock 'fight' scene for a photographer.

I can't tell you how scary it was seeing Gary Numan pulling 'growly' shapes like it was 1977. I think most of the audience were there out of sheer curiosity (like my good self), and were obviously waiting for him to do 'Cars'. Thank god it was less than half way through the set. His band looked shockingly young, and wouldn't be out of place playing for Nine Inch Nails.

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