Thursday, June 29, 2006

Special Messeurs

Oh, these are very special Messures - Look how happy this dude is with his new syrup! (Syrup of Figs - wig).

This is one of the enlightening experiences of Calella, taken from the Barcelona holiday. You should of seen the pictures of the food.

More pix of Barcelona and the Screamin' festival will follow soon.

The Who - Bristol Ashton Gate

Who are you – who, who - who, who!

The kids are alright! Well there weren't many kids at Ashton Gate Stadium and the average age of the audience were at least 50. I was worried they would pop a hip, while rocking out to ‘substitute’.

I’ve never seen the Who, so when I saw they were playing in my back yard, I couldn’t resist hearing Pinball Wizard, and See Me, Feel Me, first hand.

The Zutons supported, and they were very good – which was a nice surprise. Let’s hope they haven’t got the ‘Ashton Gate support band curse’ ie J Geils Band, who supported the Stones in the early 80’s and were a one hit wonder.

All in all a very good evening out, and the audience took their rubbish home with them too.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


What a lovely civilised day Sunday was (apart from the boring England game!). I attended my first Figaro ‘meet’ in Bath at Victoria Park. I met lots of lovely Figaro owners, most were local, but some had driven from Surrey, Essex and London. We all had lunch on plaid picnic blankets in front of a line of our lovely cars. All we were missing were the Pimms.

We swapped a few tips and war stories. A sense of pride re-emerged in me as we drove around Bath in convey and I remembered what a joy it was to own my car. As we drove back into the park, the brass band in the park were playing the theme from ‘The Italian Job’. Very apt!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Clarkes pie, sausage roll - Come On England score a goal!!!

Bedminster celebrates the World Cup!

We know where's ar loyalty lies. With the great golden drink!

And below is a pub around the corner from me, where the flag covers the roof. You can see it from miles.

And at the end of Englands defeat we see humiliation in the streets of Bristol (this was taken on the normally busy Baldwin Street.

Monday, June 12, 2006

A brush with the World Cup

Arriving at the AC Barcelona hotel, we were greeted by a camera crew and some footballers (must have been the mullets that gave it away!). My hopes were up to have an encounter with Ronaldinho or Ronaldo. When I asked the staff who they were, they turned out to be the Morrocan football team (who don't seem to be in the World cup at all!)

The glamour of it all. Actually there is more football glamour in Bedminster.... (see next post!)

Dxtr n Dayzee

As you can see from the picture, all is good in the Jack Russell sanctuary. I've just been away in Barcelona (pix to follow of course!) and Miss Crazy Daisy has grown from a pup to a minature dog. She's hairing around the house like a Jack Russell possessed, and loving every minute of it.