Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fabulous Frida Kahlo - Tate

I've waited 20 years to see Frida Kahlo's work up close, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. The only thing to spoil the experience was the crowds, who were in my way of seeing the pictures!!!

Incidentally, I got short shrift from the security geek, after taking this pic on the camera phone. Apologies to the Tate.

I'm incidentally thinking of having a Frida & Diego tea-party for my birthday (beginning of Sept) where everyone has to dress as either. Joining up your eyebrows to go uni-brow is obligatory! And get those faux flowers out for your hair.

Had a great day out in London, finally went across the wobbly Millennium Arup bridge. It was great seeing the archetectural beauty of London all tie up. I recommend the Tate thoroughly, the bookshop and the cafe were great too. You could spend spend spend. Especially the Frida Kahlo gift shop, where there were specially commissioned accessories designed with the inspiration of Miss Frida herself, all gorgeous.

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