Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Massive Attack - Westonbirt Arboreteum

Yes, it was in a forest. Not that you saw any squirrels or anything too leafy. I was really hoping to get a box in a treehouse, and sit with some VIP badgers.

Having seen MA a few times before (Ashton Court house, where they served a light buffet, and a chill out room), I knew not to expect dancing girls or anything too showy. But the beautiful bathing coloured lights, wasn’t quite enough to distract from the doom and gloom of the opening number ‘famous flags’. Roberts influence of ‘darkness’ was clearly evident, and I really think he should go and see a ‘burlesque’ show or something similar, as I felt it was quite a challenge to remain upbeat while waiting for the more dancey tunes.
As evident in the photos, the wonderful Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins) was called out for a few tunes, and she never disappoints. If one thing Massive Attack do well (apart from a good line in doom and gloom tunes), is reinvent fabulous vocalists to a new audience. Horace Andy was a joy and the woman (who’s name escapes me) who sang ‘unfinished sympathy’ was equally wonderful. The sad news of the event was Terry Callier’s collapse (the singer for ‘live with me’) on stage while performing as a support act. He said he had problems with his sugar levels, and was given a chocolate mini roll, and then collapsed again. I was queuing for my hot chocolate at the time (25 mins!!!, and yes I know it’s not very rock n roll) and I saw this all on the big screen. By the time I made my way back to the front row, I saw him being wheelchaired off by the ambulance men. And the security men at the front asked us if we wanted the remainder of his mini roll for ebay.

Part of the Bristol contingent lording it up. Yes you Miss Beth Gibbons, screaming like a banshee possesed during 'The Flies' support slot.

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