Friday, December 01, 2006

Love - Banksy - Love

We love Banksy in the pooch household - I have a little photocopy of one of his posters from his first Bristol exhibitions with the HMV dog holding a grenade launcher. It's my favourite. Especially as it looks like Dexter, and if you knew Dexter, and if he had a poseable thumb, I think he would use one on the first cat he saw.

Watching Banksy's work sky-rocket into the thousands of pounds bracket, you can only ponder the strangeness of media, the art world and the fact Banksy is laughing all the way to the bank(sy).

A postcard he did to promote his last London exhibition, with Kate Moss as Warhol's Marilyn is selling for £22 on ebay regularly. I picked several up at the time of the exhibition, and now can't find them.

Early interesting article and interview with him.,,999712,00.html#article_continue

Rather apt for the coming season.

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