Monday, November 05, 2007

Electric Picnic - Ireland

I apologise profusely for slacking on the blog front. It's been a very busy September, and I realised I didn't get to share my experience of the wonderful Electric Picnic festival which was just outside of Dublin (it's the one I went to last year).

It's a much happier festival than Glastonbury, and the quality of the bands they get always amazes me. Lost Vagueness appear, and this year they had a mini graphics festival with some of my favourite graphicy-designery people giving talks (Ben Drury, Tim Biskup, Jon Burgerman). Here's a taster of the festival in picture format.

The wonderfully smiley Jon Burgerman drawing me in cartoon form!

Lost Vagueness
The very colourful and wonderful Ms Bjork

Beastie Girl
And Beastie Boys!

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