Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yay! Heading off to the BooshFest in Kent - A festival entirely devoted to the wonderful world of the Boosh. For one day only you can be 'the hitcher' or 'old greg' with his mangina (euuyueck). I think this is the first festival I've been to where it's entirely devoted to one idea, which everyone buys into (does going to a Wurzels gig count?).

So in short, with 3 weeks to go, and in my true Virgo way, I have a lot of research to do to find my outfit which involves watching DVD's - oh the hardship.

I've currently whittled it down to a 'zoo keeper' from the 1st series, an outfit involving a lot of silver, but with my figure I don't think this will be doing me any favours. Or a Mod Wolf. Any suggestions grateful received.

Naboo : "don't mess with the occult"
Noel: "I thought it was good for you!"
Naboo: "No, that's Yakult"

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thunder road said...

Hmm...might skip class and join you!