Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Hurricane Grace Jones

This is becoming a bit of an ‘I love Grace’ blog, purely unintentional, but I did see her on the ‘Hurricane’ tour this week, and it was a wonderfully scary experience.

Scary because when she walked on stage she stopped, and looked dead at me (in the front row); it was then I realised that performers very rarely engage with the audience in such an eye-contact way, and it was quite unnerving. She certainly wasn’t afraid to do so, as pretty much everyone in the front got the same treatment.

Wonderful because there were so many hat changes, and little amendments to each outfit, all beautifully made (I got very close to them) and was quite astounded at the beauty of them. Each song had a different treatment, and almost its own little show. The finale of the title track ‘Hurricane’ saw her use a black cloak, wind-machine and wind swept hat to full effect – and included a performance of her falling to the ground. Love Love Love her.

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