Friday, August 14, 2009

Grayson Perry

Liberty are currently holding the exhibition 'Prints Charming' on the 4th floor - as you can see from the below picture they covered this wall in their classic 'Betsy' print, (which also appears on their staircases too). They commissioned six artists - Grayson Perry, Paul Morrison, Mike McInnerney, Michael Angove, Anj Smith and Simon Hart to design some Liberty inspired patterned fabric - which they're selling in their wonderful fabric and haberdashery department.

Grayson Perry (as 'Claire') opened the exhibition by drawing some sketches in the window (which included one saying 'help me - if you buy my fabric they'll let me out'). While a few fans, bemused passers by and his wife, and daughter watched on.

I had heard he wasn't very well the day before, so I was extremely pleased he appeared. After the window display, he made his way up to the exhibition, checked out his fabric and posed for some official photo-taking (see pix below).


Camilla said...

IS the dress made from his fabric I wonder?

miss b said...

The first dress he was wearing in the window was made from his fabric, as was a little doll that sat beside him.