Saturday, October 17, 2009

GetDringMobile - Paintworks

A great evening organised for the GetDringMobile money raising event, which managed to raise an astonishing £25,000 that night. Some fantastic work, good music and really nice feel to the whole evening. I think it's what some of the other 'graffiti' events should of aimed for. It was also great to see such a high calibre of contributing artists to the event (Nick Walker and Pam Glew getting nice cash amounts in for their work).

Bristol Graffiti blog
Bristol Urban Art have much better photos of the event, so definitely check their links out. I was filming it for a project, so hence my limited and unobserved photos, but here they are anyway.

Inkie's piece (half way through), Mr Jago on the side, Vermin in the distance.

Paris' pop up shop - another stop on his world tour.Milk and Dora's piece
Lokey working (Jody and Mr Jago, in the background)
Nick Walker and Eelus (and an investor)
Hmmmm gold. Wonderful piece from Xnz, which went for a pretty penny.

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