Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ahh The Raconteurs……

Ahh The Raconteurs……Jack White…….Brendon….. the geeky looking bassist who looks like Joey Ramone. Its’ so nice to be watching accomplished, passionate musicians who love all things, guitar, Nashville and 70’s rock, even down to their embroidered cowboy shirts and slack pants. There was a lot of brown clothing going down. And Jack was sporting a strange cravat beard. In the photo you think it's a shadow, ohh no, it's facial fuzz - yeuck.

The support band were a three piece from Norway called BigBang. And they totally back up my theory (have I not bored you with this yet!), that a) 3 is a magic number and b) 3-piece bands are the best. Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Jam (I will think of others). But anyway, their sound was magic. Great harmonies, very tight. I’m sure they were hand picked by Jack, it was like they had swallowed all the great 70’s rock band (Led Zep, ACDC, The Who etc) and out came this wonderful familiar sound. The downside, they looked very Scandinavian – think Bjorn Borg, and Bjorn from Abba.

The Raconteurs rocked the house. They were so together, it was great. Played a stonking version of Cher’s ‘Bang Bang’ with their brilliant ‘Broken Boy Soldier’ interspersed into the middle of it. Sorry the pix are a bit naff. My camera wasn’t up to the job. But ahhhh Jack White.

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