Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Russell Brand is citing and barrassing

I bought tickets for Russell Brand at the Hippodrome, when all Russell was famous for was shouting ‘Hare Krishna’ on ‘Big Brothers Big Mouth’. Therefore I ended up with front and centre row tickets. The fear of being picked on by him, was overwhelming.

He is a very interesting looking man. A modern goth fop is a reasonable description, with unfeasibly tight 80’s black trousers. I remember wearing those trousers, and back-coming my hair just like his (and I wince with embarrassment - or barrassment, as he says, when I remember the amount of effort, pain and hair spray it all took).

He has armies of girls who’d love to be his conquests. And I believe, this perception is pushed forward by his constant comments about his previous activities and the invitation at the end of the gig to ‘meet him at the stage door’. I saw Bill Hicks 6 months before he died at the Victoria Rooms, and he said the exact same thing – so it’s a little unnerving that he died shortly after.

Our little party of 3 recommended him thoroughly, catch him while you can!

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