Monday, July 28, 2008

A sad day for Weston

A sad day indeed for us who have many memories at Weston 'Grand Pier'.

I have spent much of my childhood in Weston, and many hours nagging my poor parents to give me money so I could go on the helter skelter, or penny slides. A couple of summers ago I revisited the same amusements and felt like I was '5' again. We still go to Weston regularly, as the pooches love to run the length of the beach (the banner photo was taken there).

If you have ever visited Brighton and seen the demise of one of their beloved piers, you just hope that this will never happen to Weston.

photo by G Bloomfield

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Camilla said...

I'm hopeful for the pier- they've already re-opened the walkway part of it- I went and ate chips on it yesterday.