Thursday, August 14, 2008

Being Johnny Ramone

I love it when you accidentally stumble on an idea.

I found these all on FlickR. Just typing in one subject, and seeing what it brings. When you've cleared the obvious and dross of an idea, these were the more interesting pictures surrounding the search. I'm sure I've got one to contribute, but I'll have to go and find it (maybe I'll post later).
Photo by 'girl with the golden gun'

I love this photo, because you rarely see JohnnyRamone in a candid shot, he was immensely professional, and knew image was everything. He was a big horror flick fan, so I'm presuming this was taken at a horror fair (where I bumped into him once), as the ladies in question are actresses of this genre. Photo by Eddie Mika
A more interesting take on the Ramones cartoon image. Just cute. Photo by Cusco.

This is an insight to the Ramones before the show from the bassist's perspective. Alas Johnny has his back to us.

I love this photo it was taken on an Kodak Instamatic. A classic shot of 1979. Focus on the stylish guy on your left and the guy between Johnny and the fan (it's Monte Melnick - loving the face). Photo by EFSB.

We think this guy looks a little like the creepy coupe from the Wacky Races.

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