Friday, May 15, 2009

Graham Coxon - Thekla

I saw Graham Coxon at the Electric Picnic a couple of years ago, playing one of the smaller tents, and he rocked the tent that day. He's such a shy, quiet and geeky guy, and very endearing, it takes you by surprise when he plays his punk-pop tribute guitar riffs like 'freakin out' or 'standing on my own again'.

There are some great tracks on his albums 'Happiness in Magazines' (an album title named after my life I reckon) and 'Love Travels at Illegal Speeds', so his new album 'Spinning Top', was another surprise - a full acoustic album, and a tour to promote it where he only played the album. Unfortunately we weren't told this, so I think I wasn't the only person who wasn't a little disappointed not to hear anything from his earlier albums. But as usual Graham won us over, with his guitar playing, rambling quiet banter and smiles. And after having a little chat with one of his crew, the promise of another solo tour in November where he's going to mix it up!

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