Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why didn't I think of that - grrr

From the ever cool, CoolHuntingblog.

Designed by Don't Feed The Swedes to be shown at the up and coming Berlin Design festival.  So jealous, grrrr.

And incidentally, Bristol seems to have turned into Graffworld, with Stokes Croft being at the epicenter (artwork changing daily mainly thanks to the PRSC).  This weekend we'll see Upfest turning heads at the Tobacco Factory, Dave Whittle opening night tonight, at Friend & Co, Weapon of Choice 2nd exhibition starting next weekend, the Spotted Cow (pub) evening of graff in the garden on 11 June, and a rumoured Banksy exhibition called 'Homecoming' heading this way. 

(And not forgetting the Bearpit this Saturday).

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Camilla said...

must be the sunshine bringing them all out of the woodwork! By the way a few weeks ago I was on a bus going up Gloucester Rd and I saw you crossing the road in Stokes Croft- I waved but you weren't looking in the direction of the bus at all.